Is Your Car Sending You Signals? [Infographic]

Is your car road worthy or is it telling you it’s badly in need of a tune up?

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Guardrails: Are They Safe?

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Jay Traylor, a motorist who had both legs sheared off by a malfunctioning guardrail, is living proof that accidents happen. Traylor somehow managed to call 911 and report the accident. Luckily, he survived and his accident is drawing attention to guardrail safety.

Guardrail safety is becoming a hot topic after a study was released from the University of Alabama. The study, sponsored by the State of Missouri and the Safety Institute,  “examined serious and fatal accidents in Missouri and Ohio”. The government is taking notice and there will be a National Review of Safety concerning all guardrails in the United States.

The Purpose Of A Guardrail

Guardrails have long been a staple on American highways etching the Nation’s roadways with stoic confidence. Guardrail safety is provided when the metal and wood absorb the impact from a collision to prevent out of control cars from crossing into other lanes and prevent greater damage. Many people are starting to question if a guardrail can function in situations where vehicles travel at 62 miles per hour or greater speeds.

Guardrail Safety: 4 Inch Vs. 5 Inch

Failing guardrails are becoming a scary trend on American highways. Guardrails were originally designed to reflect the metal guard off the highway and into the ditch. The end terminals are supposed to act like a “sled”, traveling down the rail and curling the guardrail away from the road. Unfortunately, many of the steel rails buckle on impact, becoming long spears that slice through vehicles.

About 10 years ago, Trinity Industries of Texas adjusted the design of their guardrails. The leading guardrail manufacturer began shaving one inch off the traditional 5 inch design. It’s estimated that there are half a million redesigned Trinity guardrails lining the roadways in almost every state across the United States.

An inch might seem insignificant at first. Until you examine the results of needless maiming or deaths of accident victims.  However, evidence is mounting that the redesign of the end terminal causes unnecessary deaths and loss of limbs.

Can Money Be Impacting Guardrail Safety?

In several communications, it was reported that engineers at Trinity Industries calculated the inch change would save the company $2.00 for each end terminal produced or $50,000.00 a year. This memo makes it easy to consider the company is placing profits over public safety.

For several years, not many people knew our guardrail safety had been compromised. A competitor, Josh Harmon, unearthed the information while he was engaged in a patent lawsuit with Trinity Industries. Harmon had access to Trinity Industries’ paperwork when he noticed the company failed to inform the Federal Highway Administration about the new modifications. Trinity Industries claim that Harmon is trying to smear their company with his allegations.

What Does This Mean For Drivers?

Currently, the Government stands behind Trinity Industries. The Government proclaims the guardrail safety infrastructure meets current crash testing requirements. However, drivers need to be aware of the potential hazards lurking on America’s roadways. The simple guardrail can play a vital role when a vehicle is involved in an accident.

Luckily, Jay Traylor is here today, because of his quick thinking and self-fashioned tourniquet. He is able to spread awareness about potential hazards regarding America’s guardrail safety. It’s important for all drivers to remember to be alert and practice defensive driving.


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Nissan Records Record Sales in China Despite Political Tensions

Carlos Ghosn

With all the negative news coming out of China and Japan these days in terms of the political relations between two countries, one would assume that Japanese car makers such as Nissan would suffer lower export sales to the Chinese market. In both countries, rhetoric has been hyped up after Japan agreed to buy (and effectively nationalize) the Senkaku islands. And in turn, the Chinese government has been ratcheting up nationalistic anti-Japanese fervor by recalling second World War events in China, such as the Nanking Massacre.

And yet despite these tensions, auto makers such as Nissan have recorded record profits in China where its sales increased 17 percent to 1.27 million vehicles for the fiscal year through March 2014, while it’s sales grew 13 percent in the U.S. to 1.29 million vehicles. In Japan, sales grew by 11 percent to 719,000 vehicles. Overall, Nissan’s January-March profit totaled 114.9 billion yen ($1.1 billion), up from 109.7 billion yen the year before. Quarterly sales rose more than 20 percent to 3.2 trillion yen ($31 billion)- all outpacing the industry including it’s competitors in Japan, including the world’s no.1 auto maker- Toyota- who also reported record annual profit and sales above 10 million vehicles for the first time. Meanwhile Honda, which sold 4.3 million vehicles for the fiscal year ended March 2014, is forecasting a 4 percent rise in annual profit for the fiscal year.

As ABC reports, while all of this looks surprisingly rosy- especially given the situation with China, the trend is not expected to continue…

Both its quarterly and annual profit results were better than Nissan’s own forecasts and the projections by analysts surveyed by FactSet. A weak yen has been a boon for Japanese exporters such as Nissan, which makes the March subcompact, Infiniti luxury models and the Leaf electric car, and is allied with Renault SA of France. But the perk is not expected to continue. Although the dollar soared to about 100 yen during the past fiscal year from about 80 yen the fiscal year before that, it’s unlikely to keep rising at that pace, to 120 yen, for instance. And that’s weighing on the prospects of all the Japanese automakers, including Nissan, Japan’s No. 2 automaker, because profits are unlikely to keep growing at the current pace.

Nissan sold 5.2 million vehicles around the world in the fiscal year ended March, controlling about 6.2 percent of global auto market. It expects to sell 5.65 million vehicles during the fiscal year through March 2015, which would raise its global market share to 6.7 percent.

Carlos Ghosn, CEO of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, said the results announced yesterday, although “satisfactory“…”still fall short of Nissan’s potential because of its manufacturing capacity, management and competitive standing,”

This means pursuing profitable growth opportunities, focusing relentlessly on quality and enhancing our sales power.

In Japan as whole, sales have grown by 9 percent for the auto industry- as consumers tried to beat a sales tax rise kicking in April 1. Here at Study Driving, we believe that the Japanese still make the best cars for ordinary everyday drivers, and so are confident of continuing success!

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Car Manufacturers’ Websites: What it Would Take to Convert Online Search to Sales

How effective are car manufacturers’ websites in converting online searches to sales? Are they able to convince readers to buy based on how cars are presented in websites? Is online persuasion possible in big ticket items like houses and cars?

Car manufacturers‘ websites are in the business of online persuasion. They have the task of convincing people to buy based on what they see in their pages. Sometimes, people do not require much convincing especially if they have already set their hearts on a product and are merely checking on the site for some details. Others however, need to see more than one photo and a price. They need to see the physical reason as well as the economic reason for buying a car.

The Website Pages

A car manufacturer’s website usually contains the following pages which are intended to provide readers about the history of the company, best-selling models, newly-introduced models, promo offers, store locations, and dealers. These pages are intended to present a good image for the company as well as serve the inquiries of online clients.

The company history page seeks to establish the reputation of a car manufacturer and its brand/s. By tracing its roots especially those that have started very early, a semblance of authority by virtue of  length of existence arises. Whether this is true or not is beside the point as a blog must look reputable to become a persuasive .

The Right Formula

An official website in order to be a true support for the sale of the product involved must have all the necessary elements for a possible sales. The most critical pages involved here are the models’ page,specifications page, price page .and the promo page.  A blog within a website makes it a lot easier for companies to share great content  and information.

Websites may not be the clincher for most car purchases because of the need to see the actual car before buying. They simply plant the interest, reinforce the interest,and provide possible choices, towards the actual sale. Just imagine the convenience of this option than having to travel to a dealership company. Try looking into a lifestyle blog directory for some recommended sites.

It is possible that sales can be initiated by website visits since those who do visit are usually interested and will purchase if the price fits their budget.

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The Signs That Show Your Car is a Lemon

Is your car a lemon? No not the fruit type but a newly purchased car that isnt performing to the stands promoised when you purchased it. The below infographic is a guide on how to spot if your car is one:

Via: The Lemon Law Attorneys

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Delivery Jobs to Remain Plentiful for the Next Decade


The job landscape is rapidly changing. The advent of new technologies have rendered some jobs obsolete, while shifting trends made other industries completely unnecessary. It’s now more important than ever to have an eye on the near future prospects of any career one finds intriguing.

Certain industries are in a severe state of decline and could dry up completely in a matter of years. These include once-popular career choices such as banking, print journalism, and the automotive production industry.

One career choice that will probably remain a safe bet for years to come is delivery work. Whether you’re talking about a courier or other delivery service that transports packages with your own vehicle, or larger deliveries involving trucks from a company fleet. Read the rest of this entry »

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How To Take Good Care Of Your Car

After a good cleaning and some wax....

When you buy a new car, you may be vigilant about taking good care of it — for a while, at least. But before you know it, you’re overdue for an oil change and you’ve got coffee-stained upholstery and a quarter-sized dent in the hood.

Your car deserves better. And when it comes time to sell it, the time and money you’ve invested into caring for your car will result in a greater asking price.

So keep these tips in mind in order to keep your car in the best shape possible:  Read the rest of this entry »

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EOBR Technology Can Help Truckers Avoid Traffic Jams and Improve Highway Safety for All

traffic jam
Truckers experience more frustrations than the rest of us when highways and interstates go under construction. Not only are they on the road for up to 70 hours in any given eight-day period, they’re also trying to make a living by putting in as many miles as possible. It’s important to realize that truck drivers are usually paid by the mile — not the number of hours on the job. So traffic jams and other delays hurt them financially — as well as pushed the limits of their patience.

Plus, thanks to new industry regulations that limit a trucker’s hours of service, drivers have only so much time to be on the road each week. They need to move quickly to earn the money they’re expecting to be paid for a run. Waiting in construction zones doesn’t result in take-home pay. But truckers aren’t alone in feeling the impact of traffic delays. Companies that rely on transporting goods by road also see reduced productivity from their fleets and feel the pinch, which may eventually be passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices.

Getting around obstacles

Money can be a powerful motivator for people. That’s why so many companies and drivers are embracing technology that improves routing, fuel efficiency, time management and fleet tracking. Fleet management software and equipment works by a sophisticated GPS-enabled device that sits in a cab. For 70 hours a week, it tells truckers where they should drive and when to get the most mileage from their time on the road. Read the rest of this entry »

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If You Get a DWI/DUI, Don’t Get a Lawyer! A Bad One, That Is

Hiring a lawyer can be an intimidating assignment. Perhaps you never thought you’d find yourself in a situation where the services of an attorney would be necessary.

In the case of a DWI/DUI, however, a good lawyer is a necessity. A skilled professional can help you handle your case in the best possible way. If you hire an inexperienced or uninterested lawyer, on the other hand, that could end up costing you for years. Read the rest of this entry »

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Why is Vision Testing Necessary to Obtain a Driver’s License?

A person applying for a driver’s license needs to pass several tests before successfully obtaining the desired document. He or she will need to get a passing mark  for the knowledge test, practical test,  and the vision test. Specific documents also need to be submitted to be allowed to take the tests.


Knowledge Test

The driver knowledge test is intended to determine if applicants understand traffic laws, driving safety rules as well as road signs. Knowledge about these is required to ensure capability of operating a vehicle. It goes without saying that knowledge about driving laws and rules works hand in hand with knowledge of driving. Applicants who are in need of assistance in reading may be given audio-assisted tests.

Practical Test

The practical test is probably the most unnerving since it would require applicants to drive a vehicle together with an examiner. The examiner will be observing how applicants start the engine, use the controls, move-off, make a stop, negotiate junctions and roundabouts, use mirrors, give signals, act on signs and signals, use and adjust speed, follow vehicle, overtake, reverse, park, position the vehicle on the road, and all other related tasks in safely operating a moving vehicle. This is the part where many applicants tend to flounder.

Vision Test

Vision test is actually part of the practical test in many countries. The examiner will be observing the use of glasses or contact lenses during the practical test. Applicants will also be required to read a plate number from a certain distance while wearing the glasses or contact lenses, when needed.

Before the actual practical test itself, applicants must pass a test conducted by a vision care professional through the use of the Snellen Visual Acuity Scale. This type of test is also done every renewal. There is a need to test for acuity and peripheral vision as well as depth and color perception.

Standards Used in Vision Testing

Every passing applicant for obtaining a driver’s license must have a minimum of 20/40 vision on both eyes, whether it is with glasses or contact lenses or not. In case one eye is blind, the good eye must at least have a 20/30 vision. Visual acuity must measure at least 0.5 in the Snellen Scale.

Failing in the vision test may mean the revocation of the license. Failed applicants can choose to reapply at the next opportune time. There are certain conditions of the eye that must be revealed to the examiner during testing.



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