Take a Driving Test

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Drivers need to obtain a driver’s license before they are legally allowed to operate a vehicle on the road.  This license is in turn obtained when a person who intends to get it passes a driving test.  An applicant for a driver’s license  must pass the test in two parts which consist of a practical test known as the road test, and the theory test which forms the written or oral test.   France was the first country to require drivers to get a license.

A standardized test is given to all applicants.  The test seeks to determine the fitness of a person to safely operate a moving vehicle while a road that will be used in assessment of actual driving skills. A written or oral test will test a driver’s knowledge of relevant rules and regulations governing driving.  Depending on the country where a driver wishes to obtain a driving license, he or she may be required to take additional tests such as urine drug test and/or eyesight test.

A driver’s license certifies a person’s basic qualification to drive a vehicle.  It cannot however assure that the holder of such license will measure to expectation, behaviour-wise.  This is why licenses can be revoked if it is proven that the possession of a driver’s license by one person poses great danger to other users of the road.  It can also be suspended for infractions and violations of prevailing laws.

The road test may vary depending on the licensing category applied for.  Applicants for licenses to operate public vehicles require more expertise in driving skills because of the responsibility of transporting people and property.  This is a task that has significant bearing on the capabilities of the driver.

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