Spread Some Love With These Green Driving Techniques

green-carValentines Day may be over but it does not mean that we should stop spreading some love, so to speak. After all, we are still in the month of February, and it is widely acknowledged that this month is the “Love Month,” right? So what exactly do I mean by spreading some love through driving?

I was actually trying to point out techniques that will contribute to the wellbeing of the environment. You may think that your contribution may be so small and not really have an effect but that’s not true. Every little bit helps! Here are some tips by which you can use less fuel and have less emissions – and thus help the environment.

Drive with the windows UP as much as possible.
Sometimes, you just can’t help but put the windows down so that you can enjoy the feel of the cool air rushing all around you. That’s understandable – especially when you’re on a nice mountain road with an awesome view, right? However, if you really want to help and you can resist the call of the wind, I suggest that you put your windows up – this will minimize drag and make your fuel consumption go down.

Watch your speed.
Here is a little known fact: If you drive below 15 mph, your car creates the highest amount of pollution that it can create. Going up to about 60 mph will lessen your pollution emission to the minimum. And going beyond 60 mph increases the emissions again.

Don’t rev when you don’t need to.
Now this is more common knowledge. Revving and idling will cost you more in fuel and increase pollution as well. Avoid doing so and save yourself some money while you’re at it.

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I appreciate the thought you put into it. I have tried to start a blog before and always get lost along the way. Thanks for sharing.

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